Saturday, May 24, 2014

More haunted property in the news

Real estate agents across the United States have it good when it comes to property that is known - or even rumored - to be haunted.

An 1882 house in Joliet, Illinois, sold recently for less than $200,000. It's been the site of more than one death, including a murder in 2004. 

Those who don't mind heat, a lack of greenery, and a Blue Devil - as well as having $5.9 million to spend - might want to invest in a house over a former gold mine in Arizona. The possibility of striking it rich (well, richer) is an added incentive.

For those who would rather stay in a haunted house short-term than buy one, here's a list of ten haunted houses in the United States, some of which are bed and breakfasts. As long as you don't mind a sudden departure in the middle of the night.