Thursday, April 5, 2012

This blog's stars

After reading the statistics, I've discovered that the following two stories are read the most widely:

Anne Naylor
William Terriss

Both ghosts of London, both victims of murder (though Anne had it far worse). Maybe you can tell me - what is the fascination with these two spirits?

Sorry I haven't been blogging much; I plan to rectify that situation as soon as I can.

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  1. Ghost In The Philippines
    I just returned back from living in the Philippines and talked to several persons who I knew very well such as my Filipino wife, about their personal experiences about this subject of ghosts. And I found that something was happening there, after all it is a good of place as any since the death seen there from WW2 and further back. I'm not talking about some ghost story passed down over the years from grandma. But Im talking about recent sightings such as one caught in a class room by a close friend of mine on her cell phone video. I saw the images my self on her phone. My friend was sitting in her college class room in Cebu Philippines and she recorded a shadowy mass floating across the room as if it had intent to move about. This was recorded on video and I saw it my self so, was it a ghost, some energy field or something not yet understood but who knows.

    And then there was the incident with my my wife and her sister in my own condo I was renting in Cebu Philippines. But first I need to say my wife's sister who is 25 and defiantly did not believe in ghost. One day my wife and her sister and I was at my condo I just recently rented and I was getting ready to go out. And just before I went into the bathroom to take a shower my wifes sister said I should move the tv from the front room to the bed room because I am never home to watch it during the day. I told her that i could not because the cable was too short and it seemed she did not understand what I meant. So I went into the shower and after I got out I looked down the hall and my wife and her sister was sitting in my bed room staring at me. I walked over to the tv in the from room and said come here every one and I will show you the short cable, but they would not come over to me. That after noon after my wife sister was gone I asked my wife what was that all about you and your sister acting like you did when I was trying to show you the cable. My wife sincerely told me and looked straight into my eyes and said when I was in the shower my sister in-law had walked into the front room and saw what looked like a man sitting in the area of the couch but she could not see the face clearly. The odd thing was this thing or ghost was not sitting directly on the couch but partly in the corner lamp table and if wrer the couch used to be. So there it is believe it or not that is only two of the incidents I sen in the Philippines
    PS see by blog