Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Marilyn Monroe, still haunted and haunting

Marilyn Monroe (born Norma Jean Baker) is one of those favorite Hollywood memories, like James Dean. Undoubtedly talented, she also suffered from massive insecurities, neediness, and the overwhelming ambition to be a star - and she was, but it did no good. She died peacefully, slipping into a coma after taking an overdose, but her spirit, it seems, is just as restless as the woman was during her lifetime.

Monroe was buried in Westwood Memorial Cemetery, where many people claim to have seen her ghost. Others have spotted her at her last home, in Brentwood.

Another place to look for her is the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. It seems that her spirit has been seen in a mirror (on the lower floor, near the elevator). Monroe lived in the hotel at one time, in Suite 1200; the famous mirror was part of the furnishings in her suite at the time.

An eerie note: Montgomery Clift, Monroe's co-star in The Misfits, also haunts the Hollywood Roosevelt.

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