Sunday, February 14, 2010

Banff Springs Hotel

The staff of the hotel will tell you that it isn't haunted. Others will tell you differently.

One of the ghosts seen at the hotel is that of a bride. There are two stories about her untimely death; in one version, she was walking down the staircase when her train caught fire from one of the candles on the stairs. In her panic to put out the flames, she fell down the stairs and broke her neck. In the other version, she tripped over her train, causing the neck-breaking fall. She has been seen dancing alone in the hotel ballroom.

A bellhop called Sam has been seen still doing his rounds, helping (living) guests with keys and performing other services.

A similarly helpful ghostly bartender tells guests when they've had enough to drink.

A headless piper still plays his bagpipes (how?).

One of the rooms was the site of a murder - either of a little girl or of a whole family, depending on the story you hear. It had to be walled up due to the fact that a child's fingerprints appeared on the mirror every time it was cleaned.

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