Friday, July 3, 2009

Haunted Investigations

Okay, a little lecture here.

We all know of that weird house in the neighborhood, or at least, somewhere in town, that's haunted. Everyone knows someone who had a strange experience there. Maybe somebody died in it. Maybe a murder was committed there.

It's always in rotten shape, yard overgrown with weeds, windows broken, trash everywhere. And everybody, sooner or later, gets the bright idea to go in there - maybe to have a seance, maybe to party down. Maybe they want to just sit in the house and see what happens.

These houses are private property, and you may well find yourself attempting to explain to some very solid police officers that you weren't doing anything wrong. Even if you do get permission to be on the property, please keep in mind that old houses can be very dangerous. Floors can be rotted, beams can fall, and there is likely to be window glass everywhere.

Don't forget the rats, either.

Yeah, it sounds like a good, spooky evening/night, but if you want a safe thrill - without rats, broken glass, mildew, the stench of urine, or a stiff fine - either go to an animated "haunted" house, or take a ghost tour.

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