Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Bennington Triangle

This is a weird one. No ghostly activity has been reported in this area, but things are very odd here.

Between 1945 and 1950, five people disappeared in this area of southwest Vermont, most near the Long Trail. The first was Middie Rivers, an experienced guide in his 70s. On November 12, 1945, when returning from the mountains with four hunters, Rivers got ahead of his group. Nobody ever saw, or heard from, him again.

On December 1, 1946, local college student Paula Weldon went out for a day hike along the Long Trail. She never returned. Searchers combed the area, but no trace of her was ever found. One story claims that an elderly couple saw her hiking, and lost sight of her when she went around a bend. When they arrived at that same bend, Paula was gone.

The eeriest of the three disappearances was that of James Tedford. Tedford, who was in his sixties, was taking a bus from St. Albans to Bennington when he vanished. His luggage, and an open bus schedule, were found on the bus later. Witnesses stated that he was still on the bus when it left the next to the last stop (before Bennington). When the vehicle arrived at Bennington, Tedford was gone.

His disappearance occurred three years to the day after the disappearance of Paula Weldon.

The area claimed two victims in one month the following year. Paul Jepson, eight years old, wandered away from his family's truck, which had been parked not far from the area where Paula Weldon was last known to have been seen. Bloodhounds were brought out, but his scent ended abruptly on the Long Trail, suggesting abduction.

Exactly two weeks later, 53-year-old Frieda Langer went on a hike with her cousin, Herbert Elsner. Frieda slipped and fell in a creek. She asked Elsner to wait for her so that she could return to the family campsite, change clothes, then catch up with him.

Nobody saw Langer alive again. A massive search was mounted, with as many as 300 people taking part. On May 12, 1951, Frieda Langer's body was found - in an area that had already been searched. Twice.

Decomposition prevented the authorities from ascertaining a cause of death.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

House for sale, "slightly haunted"

Not your average Zillow listing, I think. Four-bedroom Victorian with unusual additions.