Friday, July 2, 2010

Asheville, haunted city

It seems that the good (and not so good) people of Asheville, North Carolina, enjoy their city so much, they never want to leave.


The ghost of City Hall is a man who - surprise! - committed suicide
after the Crash of '29. He waits in line at the snack bar, then disappears suddenly. He may also be the entity that ransacks offices at night, leaving a mess for the employees when they arrive at work.

Richmond Hill Inn, a bed and breakfast, was built in 1889. The ghost (perhaps that of the builder, Richmond Pearson) was a man wearing a suit from a bygone era, wandering the hallways during the night, as reported by guests. Zelda Fitzgerald, who died in a fire at Asheville's Highland Hospital, was also seen - in the F. Scott Fitzgerald room. On a hair-raising note, the house burned down in 2009; the cause was arson.

On May 29th, 1835, two men, James Sneed and James Henry, were hanged for the crime of stealing a horse. They maintained their innocence to the end. What was a field in 1835, is now an area close to the modern-day intersection of Merrimon and Broadway Avenues. The two men were buried not far from the old gallows. Even today, strange sounds are heard in the vicinity, such as a trap door opening, and the sounds of horses trotting along.

Highland Park was once the site of Highland Hospital, a psychiatric institution and Zelda Fitzgerald's last home. She was one of the nine people who died in the fire that burned it to the ground in 1948. Screams are heard, and the ghosts of those who died in the fire have been seen walking near the area.

Two women were beaten to death on Waneta Street in the 1920s, in a still-unsolved murder case. The ghost of the murderer has been seen walking along the street with an object that appears to be a pipe or a stick.

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