Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Haunted hotels

With Halloween approaching, what better time for those in the United States to get yourself a REAL haunt by staying at a haunted hotel?

Autumn is the perfect time, in my opinion, to try out a new haunt. Dry leaves rustle outside the windows; the air is sharp and scented with wood smoke; the full moon highlights increasingly bare branches.

With haunted lodging so popular, and advertised so well, chances are excellent that there's a place near you where you can take a weekend break or a longer vacation. Haunted hotels are all over the U.S., and you should be able to find one within your affordability range. Some of the larger hotels also offer ghost tours as part of their services (though not all tours are included in the price of your stay).

This link will provide you with information on hotels, prices, locations, and best of all, ghost stories from the hotels!

Enjoy your frightful night.

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