Monday, June 29, 2009


Sometimes, a ghost brings good news - and not just the kind of good news that Scrooge received from his three ghosts.

There are stories of treasure - silver and, better yet, gold coins being found as a result of a ghost's appearance. There is one such story of a family in England, who received an unexpected guest when remodeling their home. The father of the family, hearing a noise one night, went downstairs to investigate. Through a hole that they had made in a wall, he discovered a man staring at him. When asked who he was, the man gave his name, along with the startling information, "I was murdered in this house more than 400 years ago."

The ghost explained that, in life, he had been a tradesman, and had been murdered for a store of gold coins, which were still hidden in the basement of the house. He promised to return the next night, and vanished.

The following night, true to his word, the ghost appeared and guided the family, along with some friends, to the hidden gold in the basement, after receiving their promise that they would turn the money over to his descendants. The family, though the ghost had allowed them to keep ten gold coins for their trouble, kept only one, and gave the rest to the ghost's descendants.

Looking for some gold?

You don't have to dig for it.

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